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Trading Tools

Tradier Brokerage Integration

This integration includes an Orders window, a Positions window, and its own Watchlist (which is being deprecated). The integration is also part of most of the screeners. If you scroll to the right and see a "sell it" type link in any screener, then that will open one of these brokerage windows and if you connect a Real Money Tradier account (in account settings), then this is available to allow you to trade directly from the screeners.

This integration also includes a paper money account that is separate from the paper money account that you may have with Tradier. It is for use only with Tiblio for you to practice entering orders and seeing, generally, how different types of trades behave. For example, maybe you've never sold a put spread before and want to test the waters before diving in.

This is a super easy way to do that:

  1. Navigate to the Credit Spreads Screener
  2. Find one you like
  3. Scroll to the right and then click Sell Spread
  4. An order window will pop up with the spread already entered!
  5. Place the order

If you're using paper money, you will want to place orders to sell on the Bid price and orders to buy on the Ask price (PAPER MONEY ONLY!). This is because in the paper money universe, there is nobody on the other side of the trade and there is no point trying to "get the best price". However, in real money accounts, please always start low when buying and start high when selling and then walk your order price around until you get filled or give up.