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Sample Prompts

Hours of Operation - Talia is generally available during market hours. Real-Time options data is NOT available after market hours, specifically on the weekends our database is offline for a refresh.


Reset the conversation if it has obviously just gone nuts by sending some form of reset or start over to have Talia forget everything.

If you give a company name, Talia will try to guess at the symbol when needed as illustrated by this conversation:

what is the current price of Facebook stock?

I was unable to locate the current price of FB

Oh wait, I think is no longer FB, try META

Ahh that's right Facebook is now Meta Platforms. The current price of META is 385.20

You can also prompt Talia just like you would any other LLM asking it general questions. Talia will prefer to talk about finance related things and does not yet have advanced calculation capabilities. General questions are most prone to hallucinations.


Current stock information based on real-time Price, Dividend, and Sector data and the LLM's general knowledge.

provide 5 stocks trading for less than $30 per share

provide 5 stocks in the technology sector trading for less than $50 per share

provide some stocks related to Apple what are some stocks that are similar to SOFI


Current option information based on real-time Symbol, Delta, Expiration, Put/Call, Spread data and the LLM's general options knowledge. Currently single leg options and vertical spreads are supported.

Some help type prompts:

what index options can I use?

how can you help me find stock options?

Requesting options data:

provide an option on Microsoft expiring in 42 days

provide a put spread on SPX expiring today

provide a call spread on SPY expiring today

provide a 30 delta put option on HOOD expiring in 35 days

These will all return a well formatting response that includes the option information, some supporting calculations and an example trade:

You can inquire about the response: in the context of that response, what is ADX? what is a moderate ADX value? why would I care if a price is trading above VWAP or not?

News and Current Events

Essentially summarize and discuss the latest handful of news or events releases for a particular company. This is basic to start off, but this limited information is enough to usually get a good idea of what's happening with a stock right now and whether it is good or bad for investors.

what's happening with Microsoft?

what's the latest news on Boeing?

The chief executive of an American airline company has stated that internal checks found "many" loose bolts on their Boeing 737 MAX 9 planes. (Source: Skynews)

is that good or bad for the company?

The latest news on Boeing (BA) contains a mix of negative and neutral sentiments. The reports of loose bolts on Boeing 737 MAX 9 planes and the incident involving the nose wheel of a Boeing 757 passenger jet are concerning and may be perceived as negative news....

based on the most recent news, is RIVN a buy?

I currently do not have access to real-time market data or the ability to provide personalized investment advice. Making investment decisions should involve careful consideration

It does not provide financial advice, but we already know that. You can get her to give something of an opinion if you acknowledge and continue:

ok but just based on the sentiment of the most recent news, what do you think?

Now Talia will go on to analyze the most recent news on RIVN, but you'll still be hit with disclaimers and guardrails. We hope to remove some of the annoyance of this when we move to a private model.

Based on the sentiment of the most recent news, the sentiment appears to be negative for Rivian (RIVN). The negative sentiment in the news may indicate potential concerns or challenges facing the company. However, it's important to note that sentiment alone is not a comprehensive indicator for making investment decisions.


Most recent fundamental data for a company - last quarters financial ratios, e.g., price to earnings, return on equity, gross profit margin, dividends. provide a summary of the fundamentals for MSFT based on the fundamentals, is Microsoft a healthy company? provide a very short, one sentence summary of the fundamentals of MARA

Based on the fundamentals, Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) has strong liquidity, profitability, and a low debt ratio, with positive return on equity and assets.

is boeing profitable?

Boeing (BA) has reported negative net profit margin, operating profit margin, and pretax profit margin, indicating that the company is not currently profitable.

Market Internals

These will use Talia's internal knowledge to answer. Could hallucinate, but in testing has been pretty informative.

why would an investor look at the AUD.JPY currency exchange to help determine what's going on in the US markets?

what is the point of the VIX?

what is considered a moderate ADX value and what does that tell me?

provide a short, one sentence explanation of the TICK-NYSE and why I should care about it