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Titan Path- Twilight Reflections for Tomorrow's Triumph

Titan Path: Twilight Reflections for Tomorrow's Triumph is a bi-weekly newsletter publication from Tiblio that seeks to empower individual investors with the insights and strategies needed to navigate the complexities involved with advanced options trading. Through a blend of community-driven discussion, intentional analysis, and reflective insights, "Titan Path" aims to cultivate a mindset of strategic foresight and resilience.

Each edition is crafted to guide our readers not just towards financial success, but towards a deeper understanding of the dynamics that shape our investments. Join us on this journey, as we explore the nuances of investing with purpose, precision, and a shared vision for tomorrow's triumphs.

Content Includes

  1. Personal insights and reflections from the trading week
  2. News recaps of important events in the market
  3. Trading results
  4. Sunday: Option income trade ideas for the coming week. Two to four trades are outlined for the coming week.

How do I Sign up?

Titan Path is delivered to all active Tiblio subscribers. To sign up, please visit our Pricing page and select the plan that best works for you.

Multiple Logins?

When you sign up for a Tiblio membership, you will auth with our application for the data and screeners. Your account may then be synced with Discord and with this publication. In order to read this publication just respond to an emailed magic link. If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to [email protected].

Who Is "Titan Path" For?

"Titan Path" is for every investor who aspires to greatness. Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of investment or you're a seasoned investor seeking to refine your strategies, this newsletter serves as your guide, mentor, and ally. It's for the visionary, the bold, and the relentless—the true Titans of the investment world.

Replacing The Morning Watchlist

To ensure our communications are as impactful and valuable as possible without overwhelming your inbox, we have decided to retire the daily Morning Watchlist email. While it has been a valuable resource, we are excited to transition to this new format with Titan Path, believing it will foster a deeper connection and offer more substantial benefits to our entire community. The morning watchlist will continue to be available through The Morning Watchlist.

What Strategies Does "Titan Path" Cover?

The tools laid out, discussions and reflections in Titan Path will primarily revolve around advanced option selling strategies. However, they would apply to any trading strategy that you're developing and we could go one step further and say that the core exercises within can be applied to drive success in all areas of life.

What Makes "Titan Path" Unique?

Each edition begins with a purposeful introduction, setting the tone and intention for our journey together, followed by a concise review of the day's significant market events.

At the core of Titan Path are our foundational pillars: Community, Intention, and Reflection.

  • Community unites us, providing a space where investors share, learn, and grow together, fostering a supportive network of like-minded individuals on their journey to financial wisdom.
  • Intention guides our every move, ensuring that our trading decisions are not random acts but purposeful strategies designed to navigate uncertainty. Grounded in the principle of Expected Value, our intention is to follow a path that maximizes potential gains while managing risks thoughtfully.
  • Reflection allows us to look back on our actions, understand their outcomes, and glean insights that refine our strategies. It's through reflection that we evolve our approach, making each step forward more informed and intentional than the last.

Take a moment, if you haven't already, to familiarize yourself with the Trade Journal available to you in Tiblio. Here are a few key things that will help with recording and reflecting on your trades:

  • There are links at the far right side of each screener for logging trades, these links fill out almost everything for you.
  • Log trades according to strategy using the Account label at the top.
  • Note that the Expected Value of your trades updates each time you close one.

Join us on "Titan Path," where each step is informed by strategic foresight, each reflection leads to refined strategies, and our collective journey advances us toward greater financial wisdom.

Additional Resources Available to You

We offer additional resources to you through Discord. Currently, Talia, our AI research assistant is only available to chat with through Discord. We also have an Education section in the Discord server where various videos and other resources (e.g., PDFs, Spreadsheets) are linked for you. Additionally, we have a Titan Path chat room in the Discord specifically set aside to discuss, reflect on and improve our trading strategies.

If you're not in there, please consider joining. You can find the link in the navigation on or simply click the link here: