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Trade Desk

Personalized trading assistance through a natural language interface.

Use the Trade Desk to find stock options, answer questions about your positions, and assemble and send orders to your brokerage account.

The Trade Desk is currently available by invitation only as part of an early preview period. If you would like access, please send an email to [email protected].

Connect Your Broker

A brokerage account is required to use the Trade Desk. At launch, the Trade Desk supports Schwab and TradeStation and will support Tradier Brokerage.

All data returned including quotes will come from your brokerage account.


The Trade Desk has a Monitor section below it that will show all orders for the day. These will be orders that you sent through the Trade Desk or other software. It doesn't distinguish. The Monitor automatically updates every few seconds.


You can obtain information on your positions through the chat interface or through the Positions window. The data will be current as of the request to fetch that data from your brokerage account. The positions window, similar to the Monitor section, updates every few seconds.

Sending Orders

When the AI determines that you've requested to send an order to your brokerage account, you're taken to a separate Confirmation Window. This confirmation window is not powered by AI. This confirmation window is your opportunity to confirm or cancel the order.

On the confirm screen, you have the opportunity to verify the order details, and change the quantity and limit price.

Limit orders are the only type of order currently supported. All orders will be limit orders. This means that your order may not execute.

If you click Confirm, the order that you see will be sent to your brokerage account. If you click cancel, then the order data is forgotten and you're taken back to the Trade Desk.

Orders are sent to your brokerage just like if you were using the broker's software and therefore, the broker is still in charge of receiving the order, approving or rejecting it, and ultimately routing your order to the exchange.


What can and can't the AI do?

The Trade Desk does not offer financial advice or even recommend trades or investments. It cannot predict the future of the stock market and doesn't know what the best trade is for you.

It is a personalized service that is here to make investing easier for you. It is powered by an AI/Large Language Model that is augmented with the ability to interact with your brokerage account.

The AI can assemble orders and determine if you would like to send them, however, sending orders to your brokerage ALWAYS requires a confirmation, even if the AI asks you to confirm, you will still have to confirm again on the Confirmation Screen.

Does the AI make assumptions?

Yes, the AI will make assumptions. If you ask it to find or assemble an order that is missing information, then either it will ask you for details or it will make an assumption and use a reasonable value.

For example, if you ask it to find "A put option on Microsoft" - it has to fill in a lot of missing data, most notably the strike of the option and the expiration date.

If you read the response of what it finds, you may want to clarify something. The best pieces of information to use for stock options are the option's Delta and Days to Expiration.

You could say, for example in response to being presented with a stock option to change the Delta: "what about a 20 delta option?"

How do I specify dates?

If you've interacted with an AI much at all, then you know that it doesn't usually know what day it is. Without this information, it is difficult for an AI to work much with dates (not unlike us humans). To make everything easier you can use days like in the following examples:

  • Find a put option expiring next week (or month or year, etc...)
  • Find a put option expiring in 87 days

How do I try it out without executing an order?

There are two ways you can try out the Trade Desk to see the order sent to your broker and then also see it in your broker's software.

First, send orders while the market is closed.

Second, send orders for a limit price that will not execute.

For example, if you're buying a call option and the current ask or mid market price is, say $1, then change your price to only 0.20 and will probably not execute, and if it does execute it is a bonus, turn around and sell it for $1. If you're selling an option, do the opposite, submit a price that is much higher.

Positive or Negative Limit Price?

All limit prices here entered as positive numbers even if you're receiving a credit from selling the option. This goes for single leg options and vertical spreads. When assembling the order to your brokerage, the software will change the limit price to a negative if your broker requires that.

What types of orders are supported?

The Trade Desk supports the following orders:

  1. Buy to open or Sell to close shares of stock (does not support short selling shares)
  2. Buy or sell single leg options to open or close
  3. Buy or sell vertical spreads to open or close