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How to Use the Screener Grid

The screener grid is more powerful than it looks!

Tiblio's screeners present data in a very powerful grid. You can use the grid to further refine and organize the screener results that are best for you.

Among the different things you can do are:

1. Sort different column headers
2. Filter
3. Resize columns
4. Reorder columns
5. Pin columns to the left
6. Clear saved filter and column settings
7. See only your stocks using "My Watchlist"
8. Make more space by minimizing the left and right panels
9. Export the data for use in external systems

Possibly number 8 is my favorite feature. I'm usually watching 15-20 stocks and typically I'm looking for trade ideas on those particular stocks. Now I can see the options screeners automatically filtered for this list by adding my stocks to My Watchlist.