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Tiblio AI

Overview: Tiblio AI

If you're completely new to Tiblio AI check out this intro video. It walks through the idea to setting up a strategy and everything in between. Keep in mind that this is software that helps you execute your strategy. You're in control at all times.

If you have concerns about any orders on your account, toggle on the Pause button and then reach out to your broker for help to address your concern. They will not help you with Tiblio AI specifically, but they will help you with a specific position.

Tiblio AI can help you more easily create orders for selling stock options generally following one of three strategies: Selling Cash-Secured Puts (or naked put options), Selling Covered Call Options, or operating the Wheel Strategy (where you sell both put and call options in an alternating fashion after assignment).

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount I can trade with?

Roger needs at least enough for 100 shares. For example, let's say you choose HBI trading at $10.50. Then you need to give the robot at least $1,050 in buying power so that it can sell 1 put option. In this minimum case, the robot will likely submit an order once every few weeks.

Which Brokerages Are Supported?

  1. Tradier Brokerage
  2. TD Ameritrade
  3. TradeStation (Preferred)
  4. Interactive Brokers - In discussion
  5. Schwab - Will apply after TD API is migrated
  6. E*Trade - On the wait list for when API is migrated to Morgan Stanley

Does Tiblio AI day trade?

No. Roger primarily helps you to sell stock options, wait for assignments, and then sell more options. This process is typically repeated over the course of a few weeks.

Will this trigger PDT on my account?

No. Generally speaking, but it could theoretically happen though, especially if you change settings midday so it is something you should monitor through your trading platform.

Can I trade with Tiblio AI in the same account?

Yes. Roger works alongside you. You can both be in the same account and you can restrict the capital allocated to your strategy with Tiblio AI so you can effectively operate two different strategies in the same account. Some things can happen like if you have Tiblio AI configured to cancel open orders, then periodically it may cancel an order that you entered that took too long to execute. Another scenario that can happen is if you close a position that you have configured in Tiblio AI, then the position may be re-opened.

For what options level do I need approval?

You will need option level 2 approval. Roger will only create single leg option orders. These will be done as covered calls and cash-secured puts.

What equities is the bot able to invest in?

Roger creates orders to sell options on Stocks and ETFs. We have not tested and do not support more obscure equities such as Futures contracts and options on futures contracts.

How often does the Roger work?

Roger checks your account multiple times per day. The exact schedule for your robot will vary but it will check the market, your account and decide if it needs to create orders at least twice per hour during regular market hours.