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Welcome to your Financial Markets Research Platform. Tiblio is many things, but first and foremost it is an opinionated platform that surfaces financial market data in a simplified and digestible format suitable for both beginner and advanced investors.

Like a Bloomberg Terminal for retail investors at a fraction of the cost.

Tiblio Full Feature Walkthrough

Tiblio Full Feature Walkthrough

Everything You Need to Plan, Manage (Even Execute) Your Trades

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Our native app is now live in the App Store. This is a simple app that you can use to chat with our data using natural language. Powered by Tiblio Data and OpenAI.

Common Questions

The single most popular feature on Tiblio is our Credit Spread Screener, by far. This screener is often used to help build a small account because it helps the investor sell credit spreads, which have a low cash or initial margin requirement by brokerages.

We've recently enhanced this screener with a new list of stocks that include all of the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones 30, SPDR Select Sector ETFs, and a host of symbols requested by you, our community! If you have a request for this or any other screener or feature or missing feature, please email [email protected].

Does Tiblio Work on a Mobile Phone?

Tiblio is best enjoyed from a larger screen format and a keyboard and mouse. This is because there is just too much data to pack onto a phone. In general we also like to encourage trading from a desktop vs a phone as well as trading from a phone, you're usually doing other things which leads to distracted, emotion-driven trading behavior, which isn't good for the long term.

That being said, you can use Tiblio on your phone. It helps to put it in landscape or hold it sideways for a wider screen. Some things are disabled, like the right bar which includes integration with TradingView.

Why am I not receiving any emails?

Please be sure to use an email address that you actually use. Tiblio won't spam you and it is super easy to control the emails that come from Tiblio because they all come from one of two FROM email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]. That's it, super easy.

Please be sure to add both of those to Your Email Contact list. This will help ensure email delivery which has become a huge problem due to all of the spam and consumers wishing to not receive those spam messages.

If you signed up with a temporary, fake, or unmonitored email address, please send a note to [email protected] to have us update your email to one that you use regularly. I can't emphasize enough how much this will improve your experience.

Do you already have your list of favorite stocks?

Assemble your watchlist using My Watchlist and then check the box at the bottom to automatically filter most of the rest of the screeners by this list so you can hop around Tiblio and quickly find new trade ideas, such as the most expensive options to sell for the stocks that you're already investing in.

Do you need to create a primary watchlist of favorite stocks?

You'll want to start in the Fundamentals section. This section is purpose built to save you time vetting companies that you may want to invest in. It has everything from Financial Scores, Ratings, Discounted Cashflow Pricing, and even the Latest SEC 8K Filings.

What kind of data does Tiblio use?

Tiblio licenses (per user) real-time stock options data from an institutional data provider. The data our screeners run off has a sub 10ms delay from market. We update the screeners as fast as possible which usually results in updates available to you within 15-20 seconds of the market. Other similar services will charge over a hundred dollars per month and don't have as high quality data as Tiblio.

Tiblio also provides other data including Stock Fundamental Data, Aggregated Options Flow Data, Delayed Chart Data, Brokerage Data (when you connect your brokerage account), and data for price movement notifications, referred to as Profit and Loss Alerts.

What Trading Strategies Work Best With Tiblio?

You can trade any way you like and Tiblio will work to improve your results by providing high quality data analysis, trade journaling results, and profit and loss alerts. So whether you like to buy options, buy stock, sell options, sell spreads, or have a specific strategy like selling covered calls over earnings dates; Tiblio will work hard for you.