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Tiblio screens the options market for credit spreads, naked puts, long calls and more.


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Log all of your trades to see your performance over time and focus on what works.

Sell Options Like an Engineer Ebook

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In the book, we'll cover not only a strategy

But really a thought process in addition to a strategy because your success lies not only in knowing the strategy but knowing yourself too since you're the operator of the strategy. Therefore we'll cover my thought process behind the strategy, the assumptions and core beliefs that I hold about trading stock options.

We'll cover all of the possible outcomes of any trade, namely:

  • The stock stays the same price
  • The stock moves a little in your favor
  • The stock moves a little against you
  • The stock moves a lot in your favor
  • The stock moves a lot against you

I'll cover what to do in each of those outcomes with your trades.

The Whole System Starts Here

The book gets you pretty far and to turn this into a whole system, we've built out this webservice, Tiblio. The webservice will provide you a place to analyze your trades and also receive option research. With Tiblio, you'll have it all. Personalized trade opportunities. How to operate trades. Which trades fit you best.

What Our Members Are Saying

I really like what Tiblio is doing, I believe it will help grow a small account into a larger account with consistent wins.


I love it , I am pretty new to options and the hardest thing was finding which spreads to trade.


I’m at 64% wins. I’m excited to see how your service does for me.


I have been using Tiblio for a few days now... great service... money and time saver... awesome guys leading the company... what else could you ask for?... I definitely recommend them.

Who we are

The first idea of what has now become Tiblio was born in a conversation between Kevin and Leon following a finance lecture where a passing mention was made about probabilities of trading and a foundational thought that everything there is to know about the company is already baked into the price.

Leon Smith

Leon is a software engineer, avid skier, and a stock market news junkie. He is on a mission to make the options selling process as easy and as profitable as possible for everyday traders. Leon holds an M.S. in Computer Science and an M.B.A from UCLA.

Kevin Hamilton

Kevin is a lifelong engineer and software technologist and has been a regular options trader for the past four years. Kevin holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UT-Austin and an M.B.A from UCLA.