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Chat With Finance

Find Stock Options Without Staring at Option Chains

Talia is your AI Research Assistant (launched in January 2024) that completely eliminates the need for you to ever look at option chains ever again. Just tell Talia what you're looking for and she will pull and organize the data for you and present it in an easy to use format.

She even includes an example trade that you can copy and paste into your paper money account in the ThinkOrSwim platform saving you the hassle of entering the trade manually (especially helpful for spread trades).

Consider the following prompt

"Hey Talia, provide a call spread on SPX expiring today"

This isn't quite enough information to zero in on a specific stock options so Talia will fill in some gaps here, most notably, the Delta for the option. Talia will assume that you want to sell the option that is outside of the current expected move.

Here's Talia's response:

What is returned here?

  1. Symbol: This is the requested symbol
  2. Price: This is the latest price of the underlying along with the percent move from prior day close (PDC).
  3. Price Band: This is the expected price fluctuation based on the VIX or the Implied Volatility of the underling stock.
  4. VIX: This is the market "fear index" and is shown here so you can see if the VIX is up or down and by how much.
  5. AUD/JPY: This is largely considered the carry trade and if it is up, it may signal "risk on" from big funds. This is an interesting thing to ask Talia about!
  6. ADX Bias: This is using the standard indicator to indicate if the stock is trending and by how much
  7. Price Bias: This is a simple check to see if the underlying stock is trading above or below VWAP. This is another interesting thing to ask Talia about. Essentially trading above VWAP is considered buyer controlled and therefore bullish.

What did Talia do to come up with this spread?

  1. Capture some current data such as the stock price, and implied volatility of the underlying.
  2. Calculate the price band given the current Implied Volatility
  3. After figuring out the price band, Talia can move on to calculate the delta of the next option that would be outside or near the edges of the price band.
  4. Talia can now find the option that is the closest match with the days to expiration (DTE) and Delta.
  5. Finally, A few additional items are calculated

Which LLM Model Does Talia Use?

Currently, Talia is able to use Chat GPT 3.5-Turbo, Chat GPT 4.0-Turbo, and our very own custom 30B model that has been fine tuned for us and is hosted on our private server.


Even though Talia is able to research answers for you using Tiblio's data, it can still hallucinate. And when it does, it will do so very confidently. So be on the lookout for weird tangents.

Resetting Conversation Context

Talia does retain a good bit of your conversation even though you're chatting with her in a channel in the Discord, the conversation she remembers is the one with you. If you need to start over, you can do that, just send "reset" or a similar command and Talia will forget everything you've ever talked about.

Here Are Some Pointers From Talia, Herself!

Introduce Topics Clearly: Start your message by clearly stating what you need help with, whether it's getting information on a stock, understanding Tiblio screener data, or portfolio advice.

Be Specific with Requests: The more detail you provide about your investment strategy and goals, the better I can tailor my assistance to suit your needs.

Feel Free to Ask Questions: Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have about investing or how to use Tiblio.

Expect Brief Responses: I'm here to provide precise and concise answers to help you make informed decisions without overwhelming you with information.

Privacy and Security: Rest assured that your privacy and security are paramount. Please don't share any sensitive personal or financial information in our chats.

Tiblio Data Screeners: I can help you interpret data screeners from Tiblio. Just ask about the specific screener or data point.

No Investment Guarantees: Remember that all investments carry risk, and I'm here to assist with information, not to guarantee results.

Stay Updated: Markets change fast. Feel free to check in regularly for the latest data and analysis.

Technical Terms Explained: If you come across any jargon or complex terms in Tiblio or elsewhere, I can provide clear explanations.

Feedback is Welcome: Your feedback helps me improve. Let me know about your experience or if there's anything else you need for a smoother experience. Let's work together to achieve your investment goals! If you have any concerns or need further guidance, just reach out. Enjoy your investing journey with Tiblio!