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Option Screeners

Cash Secured Puts

These are short put options. This screener looks for the most expensive put options to sell that are also liquid and out of the money (OOTM).

Video Transcript

If you want to sell out of the money put options, you’re in the right place regardless of whether your broker requires them to be cash secured or not.

Here are a few of the more important items in the grid:

The next earnings date.

The IV, or Implied Volatility percent. Higher IV means higher option price.

The Prior Day Close Followed by the Max Return, and Max Return Percent, calculated as the mark divided by the strike price.

The max loss is the strike price minus the mark multiplied by one hundred. Finally, you’ve got some action links.

Click on Log Put to open the trade log completely filled out for you. Click on Sell Put to open the Tradier Order Entry window. Click on News to open up the real time news feed for this stock.

Lastly, click on one of the rows to open a chart in the right hand column.

Now, how is this useful? Traders typically look for two primary setups. First, Reversion to the Mean: on a dip, sell a put option which will profit from a reverse move up. Second, Accumulation or as part of the Wheel Strategy. Do this if you’re looking to scale into a stock position over a longer period of time.

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