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Stock Screeners

Premarket and Market Movers

There are so many trading strategies that start here, in pre-market. There is the famous Gap and Go which looks for gaps up in pre-market to go long at market open. There is also Short the Rip in which the investor looks for stocks gapping up in pre-market that the trader expects to sell off because the gap up is fake. You can determine the strength of the move by checking the News screener for that particular stock. Biotech companies are famous for issuing press releases that sound a lot better than they actually are in an attempt to boost the stock price just so they can issue new shares, which generally causes the price to plummet.

No matter how you trade, these two screeners are probably on the list of things that you check every single day. And they're right here at your fingertips.

After the market open, Premarket Movers freezes so that you can refer back to it throughout the day if necessary. The Market Movers script picks up where Premarket Movers leaves off at the market open.