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Real-Time Options Data

Morning Watchlist

What is a "Morning Watchlist"?

Every day trader knows. This is a list of stocks that a day trader will put together in the morning, sometimes even before the markets open. In that case, the list is primarily made up of stocks off of a pre-market screener, very much like the one that Tiblio offers.

Investors look for particular trade setups and then watch these stocks as the day progresses and then manage their trades as the stocks move.

How is Tiblio's Morning Watchlist Created?

Tiblio's Morning Watchlist is based on options data. Of course, if you want to see the pre-market movers, we have you covered.

This watchlist is automatically generated moments after the stock markets open and takes into account that opening 15 minutes of options activity. The stocks shown here are the ones that show up the most across all of Tiblio's screeners.

This has the effect of picking up movers, earnings announcements, and large options activity right at the start of the day.

This watchlist is posted to the site, Discord, and emailed to you at the same time each day. Again if you don't like it in email, please just make a rule to skip the inbox for that one email. Don't unsubscribe from all of the emails because you'll miss out on everything else if you do that.

How to Use The Morning Watchlist

I like to keep an eye on this list for new trade ideas or potential warning signs for some of my open positions that I'll need to take a closer at. For example, I may be investing in XLF, the Finance Sector ETF, and notice bank stocks starting to show up a lot on the Morning Watchlist. This would be cause for me to take a closer look at the banks to see what's going on, for example, maybe it is the start of bank earnings week, or maybe banks are being downgraded or upgraded.