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Welcome to Your AI Powered Trade Desk

Personalized trading assistance through a natural language interface.

Access the Trade Desk at - You may need to login via magic link to access the dashboard area.

The Trade Desk has a few different parts. First, is the natural language interface powered by OpenAI. Once the AI determines you've requested to send an order you'll be directed to an order confirmation window. The order confirmation window is not part of AI, it is deterministic so you know what you see there is what will be submitted to your broker.

All of the docs are available at


We've already added a Wheel Strategy section that you can configure. This was previously released under Tiblio AI and has been rolled into as part of the Trade Desk. If you previously configured a Wheel Strategy in Tiblio AI, you'll need to reconfigure it here.

More algorithms to help you trade faster and more efficiently will be added as we go. If you have an algo that you would like to see, just email us!

Welcome! I hope you enjoy the Trade Desk, and if you have any questions or get stuck on something, reach out to [email protected].