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Tiblio AI Is Now Part of Tiblio Trade Desk

Tiblio AI quietly launched in January 2023 and provided a way for investors following the Wheel Strategy to offload a lot of the heavy lifting required to operate that strategy well.

Things like calculating position size, keeping track of scaling into a full position over a period of days or weeks, finding the exact option according to Delta and Theta preferences, and so on.

Now, this software has been rolled into Tiblio and is part of the new AI Powered Trade Desk. So you can configure your Wheel Strategy, and also simply request for the Trade Desk to find options for you and help you send orders to your brokerage.

We're also extremely excited to say that now Tiblio Trade Desk with support for the Wheel Strategy supports Schwab, TradeStation and Tradier Brokerages.

One more super exciting thing is that the new Wheel Strategy will support accounts up to $500,000 and you get that support for one low monthly fee. There is no more usage-based billing.

To continue your journey with us, you'll need to create an account, which you can do from our Pricing page.

Once your account is setup, head over to the Trade Desk and set up your strategy!

You can find more information in our Documentation Hub.

If you have any questions about your former Tiblio AI account please email [email protected]