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Tiblio AI Week 3 - Review Options Sold This Week and Expectations for Next Week

Kevin Hamilton

Tiblio AI Week 3

Welcome to our weekly look of Tiblio AI to see how we did in my main Tradier Brokerage account.

A quick recap, This account started with $70k just before SVB collapsed.

After SVB collapsed, XLF tumbled and I was assigned 700 shares.

Even though, we're still at a loss of over 5% on those shares, the total account has already come back to break even, down only 0.25%.

Today we will look at just a few things.

1. Trades that were placed by Tiblio AI
2. Options expiring today
3. Expectations for next week

First up, orders that were executed this week by Tiblio AI.

We see just three orders that were filled. We opened two puts on XLC and one put on XLF.

If we switch over to the positions view then we will see how nicely these puts are spread across both expiration dates and strikes.

This is the effect of scaling into the positions. We spread risk across dates and scale into positions for better overall average pricing.

Next, let's look at options expiring today. We see that one XLC put will expire today and it is in the money. I'll expect to see 100 shares of XLC show up by Monday.

We also see we have 3 XLF call options expiring today that are also in the money. That means we'll be called away at 32.50. XLF is trading just over 33, so on this trade we lose out on that $84.

We still get a better price than if we had sold the shares at 32.50 because we keep the $41 in premium.

Finally, for next week. We will look for Tiblio AI sell a call option on XLC to cover our new shares, and sell up to 3 more put options after we have 300 shares called away this afternoon.