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Tiblio AI Week 13 - Hit 3% Monthly Return Trading The Wheel Strategy

Kevin Hamilton

3% 1 Month Return - 13 Weeks Into The Wheel Strategy

Hey Tiblio Family - The Wheel Strategy continues to perform here in Week 13 despite VIX falling to 13's and staying there for a couple of weeks now.

When volatility falls, so do option prices. So we should see that we're receiving less premium from each option sold. I think one of the main drivers for the return this week was that we held 400 shares of XLF, most of which were uncovered. So that drove up the portfolio along with the ETF.

Both XLF and XLC have been performing tremendously well. We have a target return of 1.5% per month, and we want to see that return even if XLF and XLC trade sideways or dip a little bit.

The strategy is working. Even though XLF is still in the red from when we started trading, the overall account is well in the green. This is the effect of every part of the strategy coming together:

  • Diversification (two sector ETFs)
  • Scaling (don't place all trades on day one)
  • Selling options for income
  • Selling both calls and puts
    ... and the list goes on.

The thing to understand is that Tiblio AI has ALL OF THESE things baked in so you don't really have to worry about it. You just define your strategy and then let it rip.

All of the best practices that I talk about all the time are literally part of Tiblio AI's DNA. It will adhere to them.

And remember, Tiblio AI trades your strategy with $10k or less for FREE. You won't see many trades and your account will grow slowly, but you'll get to experience it totally free. Once your account starts to grow, then you can add more funds and start building a real working income stream for yourself.