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Tiblio AI Week 10 - The New Bull Market

Kevin Hamilton

2.4% Monthly Return - 10 Weeks Running!

Here we are in Week 10 following Tiblio AI as it helps me rigidly follow the wheel strategy. The strategy is basically set in stone and the software does the work. This is an experiment, a "forward walk" test to see how the strategy does, how much income it brings in and how it keeps pace with the underlying. In this case XLC and XLF.

Spoiler, it is not keeping pace this week with the emergence of the new bull market.

We've sold out our covered calls, so those will pad us on a pull back. The changes one would make to the strategy here are to adjust the deltas, if you believe the bull market will continue, then move the put deltas up, and lower the call deltas.

The wheel strategy maximizes income, selling put and call options. It flows with the market for the underlying stocks. There is no need to predict anything. It can scale, collect dividends, and most importantly it works.