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Tiblio AI Week 1 - Surviving SVB Collapse!

Kevin Hamilton

The first video in a new series following Tiblio AI.

Coming off of the last video on Ford where I was trading the wheel strategy, you'll remember that I closed that down and am shifting money to Tradier Brokerage specifically so I can have Tiblio AI trade for me.

This video then picks up one month into trading this account with Tiblio AI.

In this video you'll see my positions, and I discuss what Tiblio AI did today.

Each week I will post another update and discuss how the software, a.k.a. Roger is doing and what it has been up to in the account.

Current Constituents:

XLF 50%
XLC 50%

In the next few weeks we may add a third equity and adjust the portfolio accordingly.

Tiblio AI is complete automation for your option strategy. It will automatically sell put options and call options and manage your maximum position size.