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Tiblio AI Week 9 - Continuing The Winning Streak! 1.68% Monthly - What is The Strategy?

Kevin Hamilton

1.68% Monthly Return - 9 Weeks Running!

This video deviates from the normal flow and introduces a new way to present the information. I hope you enjoy it.

I cover what the wheel strategy is and why I chose this strategy as the central focal point to build my wealth. It is a strategy like no other and through this video series, you can follow along as Tiblio AI operates the Wheel Strategy on my account.

I will call out, from time to time, any orders that were executed by a human.

But for the most part, you can follow along here knowing that the software follows the strategy exactly as it is defined, there is nothing hidden and nothing unexpected that would mislead you.

It truly is an awesome income strategy, the main fault is actually human.

If you want the data, that is if you want to know which calls and puts you should sell, then sign up at

If you know that your own human emotion will destroy any chance of any profitable strategy actually working for you, then you need Tiblio AI. Offload all of the grunt work of executing orders to your AI companion, Roger. Roger will help all accounts less than $10k for free.