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Tiblio AI Week 14 - Continued Winning Streak With the Wheel Strategy - $70k Account

Kevin Hamilton

1.5% 1 Month Return -14 Weeks Into the Wheel Strategy

In this video, I go a little slower and talk more about the Wheel Strategy - how and why it works and specifically how you do not need to predict anything.

I get questions all the time about how someone can know when a stock will move up, down, or sideways. The truth is nobody knows. Indicators are all lagging, they don't work. Nothing is predictive. So let's use a strategy that doesn't require us to predict! That is the Wheel Strategy.

Does it always beat the buy and hold of the underlying? No, but it does reduce portfolio volatility and the returns are impressive.

This is real income investing. Income investing that produces real results over time without sweating the real time moves.

I also review Tiblio's wheel strategy screener which is another way you can save yourself a ton of time if you're operating this strategy manually.

Of course, Tiblio AI's Roger would love to operate it for you - especially if you have a Tradestation, Tradier, or TD (soon Schwab) account.