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Tiblio AI Week 5 - Beating XLF+XLC by 10x

Kevin Hamilton

Tiblio AI produces 1.3% 1 month returns beating the buy and hold strategy

This is week 5 following along with Tiblio AI as it invests my account for me in XLF and XLC. So we compare the returns of the account to the combined returns of XLF+XLC (the positions are split 50/50).

My account is up 1.3% compared to only 0.10% for the underlying.

THAT IS AMAZING - as I lifted only one finger to close one trade which is explained in the video.

The key take aways:
1. We can't time the market
2. Don't worry about capturing small wins or avoiding small losses
3. Flow with the market
4. When the move is there, Tiblio AI will capture profit
5. Bring in lots and lots of option premium!

Enjoy your Cinco-De-Mayo! I hope you're celebrating and visiting with friends and family this weekend and I'll see you again next week!

Tiblio AI Invests For Free up t0 $10,000. If you prefer to have the data but run the strategy yourself, just use Tiblio's screeners.