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Tiblio AI Week 15 - Let's Make a New Portfolio

Kevin Hamilton

1.4% 1 Month Return - Week 15

This week was similar to previous weeks. The portfolio maintained around the target 1.5% 1 Month return. It's always encouraging to see my investments grow, its a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies, in this case the Wheel Strategy.

I've made a decision that may come off as a bit of a surprise to you. I liquidated the account and closed all of my positions early in the week to prepare to add funds and then create a new portfolio.

This is part of a bigger plan. I believe in adapting to changing market conditions and taking calculated risks. So, whats next?

Next week I'll hold a YouTube Live and we can start the process of selecting new equities for my portfolio. I want all of your feedback, thoughts, and inspiration!

During the session, we will be leveraging the power of Tiblio's screeners. These advanced tools will help us build a comprehensive list of potential stocks that can become part of the new portfolio. And of course, we will continue using the Wheel Strategy, which can be fully automated using Tiblio AI.