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Sell Options With This Strategy For High Income

Kevin Hamilton

If you love to sell options and want to save a bundle of time figuring out which option to sell next, then you've come to the right place.

In this video, I talk about:

1. Selling options and what happens after assignment
2. An explanation of the Wheel Strategy
3. How much $$$ one needs to operate the strategy effectively
4. The importance of scaling
5. A complete walkthrough of Tiblio's Wheel Strategy Screener

Yes, Tiblio has a purpose built screener that works out of the box with no additional tweaking to help you operate your wheel strategy extremely efficiently and consistently. I reference this screener every single week when I'm out looking for the best option to sell.

Try this Wheel Strategy Screener and all of our other screeners, stock and options data and tools like the trade journal and profit and loss alerts over at

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Or save even more time and headache by enlisting the help of a Copilot over at - Tiblio AI can even capture profit while you're tied up on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

Always free for accounts allocating less than $10k