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Ford Week 5 - Wheel Strategy

Kevin Hamilton

Follow along as we trade the wheel strategy in Ford.

We're into week 5 of our position review in Ford, I've been trading F for much longer, but we started this video series 5 weeks ago. We still have 400 shares and we have sold 3 call options.

You'll notice that the call options are no longer the 14 strikes. Now they are 13.35. The big news is the special dividend and how that affects our stock option prices. That came from monetizing their stake in Rivian. So, that should be a really nice bonus.

We also look at where F is trading today and make a determination on whether or not to change the position. Sell any new contracts or close any contracts.

Please drop any questions or comments here and I'll be sure to address them on the next video. If there is something else about managing the position that you would like me to cover, drop me a note and I'll include it in the next video.