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Ford Week 8 - Review and Sell Call Options

Kevin Hamilton

Follow along as we trade the wheel strategy in Ford.

Here is Week 8 on Ford trading the wheel strategy where we sell puts and calls and rotate in and out of shares as we're called away.

We've currently got 400 shares and are short 1 put and 1 call. In this video we talk about choosing the next call option to sell and why. We also calculate the return on that call as if it were placed as a buy-write.

Ford shares were up today enough for us to sell a call option, so I'm pretty happy with that. Still have 2 more calls that we can sell, so if F keeps the momentum into next week, then we'll sell another call option.

The beauty of it is that as F trades sideways in the channel, we take premium income from both puts and calls.

Find me on the website or message me in the Discord if you have suggestions, questions or comments. I'll work them into future videos.

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