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Ford Final Week - Wheel Strategy Plus Performance Update, How Did We Do?

Kevin Hamilton

Wrap up trading the wheel strategy on Ford, how did we do?

This is the final video in the Ford trading series showing how I trade the wheel strategy using Ford and real money trades. This could be called a walk-forward test of the wheel strategy, completely not optimized as it is exposed to the risk of my trading availability and emotions.

I wanted to make this video as a wrap up video and take a look at where we are at. This is not an indictment of Ford - I'd be perfectly happy to continue trading Ford. I've been trading it since at least 2021 and I think this has been a really great experience.

We returned approximately 17.8% of the committed capital over the course the trailing 365 days! Not bad considering what the market has been doing!

I hope in this video series you've gotten a feel on what it's like to trade the Wheel Strategy.

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