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Build Your Elite Portfolio 2 - How to use Fundamental Analysis to Give Conviction In Your Decisions

Kevin Hamilton

Building an Elite Portfolio takes a lot of work day in and day out. Be sure to watch the first episode in this series if you missed it: Build Your Elite Portfolio Part 1 where I go over all of the things that a successful investor thinks about before even starting the stock selection process.

In this video, I go over the major parts of fundamental analysis as this is the ultimate screening process for stocks making it into your portfolio. The four areas that we go over in this video are:

* Financial Scores
* Financial Ratings
* Discounted Cashflow Pricing Model
* The My Watchlist feature in Tiblio

Tiblio is here with research and tools to make this as easy on you as possible, all of the data that you need to form your investment thesis, build confidence and conviction in the stocks and even find new stocks to invest in now is right at your fingertips.

* A full suite of Fundamental Analysis: Altman Z-Score, Piotroski Score, Financial Ratings (Return on Equity, Return on Assets, Debt to Equity, Price to Earnings, and Price to Book)

* A suite of tools to help you monitor changes to your companies. Be notified whenever one of your companies files a new 8K with the SEC.

There are some really important questions that follow fundamental analysis that I ask myself as a final step for a stock to make it onto my watchlist and into my portfolio for long term investing:

  1. Does it have liquid options?
  2. Is the price for the allocation in my portfolio that allows for scaling into 4-10+ contracts?
  3. Is it trading under the Discounted Cashflow Model price?
  4. Does it have solid financial ratings?
    1. Does it have too much debt? (High interest rates / new stock issues all bad)
  5. Do analysts like it?
  6. Does it have sound financial scores?
  7. Is it uncorrelated with your other stocks or ETFs?

Once a stock makes it onto your watchlist or into your portfolio, it is important to keep up with it through the news and through special events filings. Tiblio makes this very easy by offering notifications for all of the stocks that you place in your "My Watchlist". Just add a stock there and check the boxes for the notifications that you would like to receive.

The rest is done for you.

If you haven't already, start your 7 day free trial to Tiblio now.