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Premium Option Selling Newsletter - Horizon

Inspired by Hyperion, the Titan of light, this newsletter illuminates your path to financial strength and independence through disciplined option income investing. The strategies highlighted each week will include both put and call writing also referred to as cash secured puts, covered calls and buywrites.

Every issue features a select few options, carefully chosen for their potential. We provide a clear, brief explanation of why each option was selected for that week, along with a straightforward description of how the trade operates.

What's Included

  1. Receive 'Hyperion's Horizon' in your inbox every week on Thursday, illuminating your path to premium income strategies.
  2. Stay informed with updates on all active positions in each issue, along with any urgent news or insightful analysis that impacts our trading horizon.
  3. Exclusive 'Hyperion's Horizon' Subscriber Portal: This section of our website offers you unfettered access to our comprehensive archives, including every newsletter, special report, update, and in-depth analysis, ensuring you never miss a beat in option income investing.
  4. Direct access to our expert: Have queries or need clarification? Your subscription includes direct email access to Kevin. Reach out anytime, and expect a prompt, personalized, and straightforward response to guide your trading decisions.


Hyperion's Horizon was launched early in 2024 and is available in the Investor and Portfolio plans. Tiblio may offer a future subscription plan solely for this newsletter.

How to Use This Newsletter

This newsletter is focused on option income techniques. These involve:

  1. Puts and Calls
  2. Buywrites and Covered Calls
  3. Selling Cash Secured Puts

Our goals with this newsletter are to how market beating returns can be achieved through the advantageous selling of put and call options.

Each trade idea highlights:

  1. The specific option and strategy
  2. The maximum profit of the trade and how that profit is achieved
  3. What happens if the trade goes against you
  4. A concise description of the reasoning behind the trade

Trade ideas will often continue from previous issues where we continue or extend the trade following the flow of the stock. In these cases, I'll also try to highlight how to enter the trade if you did not take the previous one.

You can read past issues and also access the whole portfolio spreadsheet right here in this section.

These are the exact same strategies that I use in my main portfolio to regularly generate a 20%+ compound annual growth rate as illustrated on the site and in our Discord server.