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Welcome to Horizon

Horizon is our newest offering for busy investors who want to sell stock options or follow along with Kevin as he trades the Wheel Strategy week in and week out with his main investing portfolio.

Access the newsletter and all past editions at or by clicking the Horizon link in the main navigation.

The newsletter is generally sent mid-morning Pacific time a couple of hours after the markets open on Tuesday and Thursday.

The trades are not high anxiety, intense, must be actioned now types of trades. Even if you read the newsletter later that day or the following day, the trade is still usually viable and you may even get a better price, so relax, no need to be in pins and needles waiting for the next issue to come out.

The Trades

The portfolio follows the Wheel Strategy. That is Kevin sells put options until he is assigned shares and then sells call options (covered calls) until the shares are called away and then goes back to selling put options.

Kevin does take all trades that are sent in the newsletter and logs them in a spreadsheet for you where he tracks overall performance.

The Returns

This is a young newsletter so we don't have years of documented returns, however, if you add up all of the potential returns multiplied by the allocation in the portfolio, you can see that we generally target a 20+% annualized return. As of May, 2024, Kevin's account is up roughly 7%, so nearly on target to hit that mark.

A Note About Scaling

Many similar newsletter products rely on "one and done" types of trades. There will be some of those in this newsletter, but by and large, Kevin relies on scaling into positions over several options sales so that he gets a better entry without having to time the market. This means you'll see the same names coming up often.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy the newsletter, and if you have any questions or get stuck on something, reach out to [email protected].