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Titan Path #20 - Income Investing Without Predicting

Good Evening Titans!

The reason that Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) works so well is that it doesn't try to time anything; it doesn't predict anything. My big take away from DCA is that if I spread out my activities then I don't need to worry about timing or predicting.

I'm using timing and predicting interchangeably. If I'm able to time the market then I'm able to predict something.

I'm a much calmer investor if I'm not worried about "being right" when trying to time the market or time an entry to an investment. Instead of trying to time something, I can spend my time researching the company.

I like to invest for income by selling options so DCA doesn't directly apply, however, I can borrow from it by spreading out my options sales. Thus, I use the term "Scaling" to talk about adding up to a full position over several trades executed at different times.

For example, If I can sell 4 put options that each roughly expire in a month, then I'd like to sell one per week for 4 weeks.

But it is hard to visualize this and see its effect. So to try to highlight the effect of scaling, the power... I've launched a challenge for myself to sell 1 put option on Robinhood (HOOD) every single day.

Watch the first week recap!