How to Mint an NFT on OpenSea: Your Step-by-Step Guide


We’ve broken down the steps to mint an NFT on OpenSea below:

  1. Buy Ethereum
  2. Get a crypto wallet
  3. Connect to OpenSea
  4. Create an OpenSea collection
  5. Add NFT
  6. Pay fees
  7. Publish link

Find out how to put each step into action in the following section. 

Your 7-Step Guide to Minting an NFT on OpenSea

Minting an NFT on OpenSea is probably easier than you think:

  1. Buy Ethereum — Most NFTs are bought and sold with Ethereum. So, start creating a crypto exchange account (we suggest Coinbase) to purchase it.
  2. Get a Crypto Wallet — Now, you need a crypto wallet. Why? Because it’s how you’ll buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea. The platform prefers MetaMask. It comes with a browser plugin for Brave and Google Chrome too.
  3. Connect to OpenSea — Here, you need to connect MetaMask to OpenSea. Do this by heading to your OpenSea profile, choosing MetaMask from the list, accepting the terms and conditions, and entering your log-in details. After this, you’re set up for minting!
  4. Create an OpenSea Collection — Setting up a collection on OpenSea gives your NFT the best chance of selling success. They’re given extra visibility when sold as part of a collection. To create one, do this:
    1. Go to your OpenSea profile and select “My Collections.”
    2. Click “Create a collection.”
  5. Add Your NFT — Once you’ve made the collection, it’s time to add your NFT. Do so by opening the collection, selecting “Add New Item,” and uploading your NFT, filling in the details as you go.
  6. Pay Fees — While OpenSea doesn’t charge for minting, you may need to pay for other auction types and currencies. Plus, they’ll take 2.5% of the final sale fee. 
  7. Publish Link — Finally, publish links to your NFT and wait patiently for bidders!

Minting NFTs on OpenSea: The Bottom Line

OpenSea is the globe’s leading marketplace for NFT selling. You’ll gain maximum visibility and higher chances of closing deals than other platforms by following the steps above.