How to Gift Crypto Tokens


You can gift crypto tokens fairly easily. You’ll need to decide which type to give. Then you must find a platform to send the gift through. You can choose an app, an exchange, or maybe even a digital gift card for your gifting needs. Choose the best process for you and the gift recipient.

In this post, we’re looking at the best ways to gift crypto tokens to your friends and family. Read on to discover how easy it is and why it’s a great gift.

Choose the Cryptocurrency Type

Some digital currencies are more popular than others. This is important to think about when you’re deciding which type to gift because not all crypto tokens are available on all platforms. 

If you’re sending crypto tokens to someone who isn’t familiar with digital currency, choose from the most popular options. It will make it easier for the recipient to find platforms if he wants to buy or sell it. 

How to Send Your Gift

You can send your gift a few different ways. 

  • Mobile app – Several apps allow you to send cryptocurrency to other people. One that’s highly popular is CashApp. It makes it easy to send crypto tokens without even having to convert dollars first. 
  • Exchanges – You can gift your crypto tokens through an exchange. You’ll have to set up an account and use a bank card to fund your gift. Then you can direct your gift recipient to the platform you chose for their trading needs.
  • Digital gift card – You can also send tokens on a digital gift card.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing to think about is the person you’re gifting cryptocurrency to. Choose the type of currency and your method for sending it based on the person it’s going to. Not everyone has the same experience level.


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