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Real-Time Options Data


This section includes docs on each of our fundamental screeners.

Latest Feeds

These are considered to be real-time feeds and are intended to be used to stay up on current events so only the most recent items will be kept in the feeds. The feeds available are:

  • Latest Price Targets
  • Latest Upgrades/Downgrades
  • Latest Senate Trading
  • Latest Insider Trading
  • Latest SEC 8Ks

These feeds cover the NASDAQ and NYSE and won't be filtered automatically to your watchlist that you configured above. If you're browsing these lists, then you're probably looking for new trade ideas, otherwise, changes to stocks on your list will be emailed to you (if you have the notification turned on, see above).

Discounted Cashflow

This is a super simple screener that simply shows the price of the stock according to the Discounted Cashflow Model. Investors use this as a way of determining if a stock is over or under-valued. All you do is compare the DCF price to the current stock price. And if you don't have the energy to do that, you can check the Financial Ratings screener which includes a rating (1-5) according to the DCF model, so you can know right away whether or not the stock is a good buy in the eyes of cashflow.

Financial Ratings

Get the rating of a company based on its financial statement, Discounted cash flow analysis, financial rations and its intrinsic value. These ratings are based on companies being able to cover their debts and the strength of their ratios.

  • DCF: Discounted Cash Flow
  • ROE: Return on Equity = Net Income / Total Stockholder Equity
  • ROA: Return on Assets = Net Income / Total Assets
  • D/E: Debt to Equity = Long Term Debt / Total Stockholder Equity
  • P/E: Price to Earnings = Price / (Net Income / Share Number)
  • P/B: Price to Book = Price / (Total Stockholder Equity / Share Number)

Financial Scores

Use the Financial Scores screener as part of your due diligence and fundamental analysis when determining if you want to add a company to your portfolio or not. In addition to the scores, the screener presents some core fundamental financial numbers detailed below.

Altman Z-Score
A credit-strength test that gauges a publicly traded manufacturing company's likelihood of bankruptcy, >= 3 is good and < 1.8 is bad.

Piotroski Score
Helps identify the best value stocks. 9 is the best and 0 is the worst.